I am a musician based in Atlanta, GA.  My primary instruments at this point in life are cello and guitar, but I also really enjoy playing old-time banjo, a little fiddle, and pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine-like percussion instrument).  I have studied classical cello and viola da gamba with Brent Wissick, central Javanese gamelan with Sarah Weiss, and guitar with Mary Halvorson.  I have had the honor of playing in the student ensemble of the multi-reedist and composer Anthony Braxton, and the privilege of playing in groups involving New Haven, CT-based musicians such as cellist Nathan Bontrager, accordian player Adam Matlock, vocalist Anne Rhodes, and bassist Carl Testa.  As of September 2013, I am currently playing cello in the collaborative improvisation group Living Space Trio with multi-instrumentalist Eric Fontaine and percussionist Scotty Bryan, the explosive chamber-psychedelic rock nonet Faun and a Pan Flute, and a Fela Kuti/Steve Reich/Early 70’s Miles Davis-inspired group called Currency.  I am currently involved various teaching opportunities in metro-Atlanta and am working towards earning my teaching certificate in music in the state of Georgia at Georgia State University.  I am available for private lessons on cello, guitar, and old-time banjo.


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